The HWS Group Mission

Our passion is to create work and learning spaces for people that are livable, healthy and inspiring.

The HWS Group mission is to 
design and furnish workplaces that are healthy, ergonomically correct and promote well-being. We create natural, human-centered workplaces that foster connections, creativity, productivity and ultimately, greater well-being for the occupants. 


HWS Solutions

HWS has the expertise to deliver great solutions to wide range of education, office and health care environments. 

For education settings, our design expertise creates enhanced learning experiences, while for office workplaces, we achieve healthy, human-centered workplace that drive collaboration, innovation and creativity. For healthcare, our focus is on creating spaces that support caregivers and the comfort of patients and family members.

Group Goals

Our goals are very simple:  to be the best at design, price and customer satisfaction.

We constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to maintain reasonable prices. We are always improving our portfolio of human- centered products and brands. We are focused the well being of our customers' occupants.