Microsoft's working environment is designed for day-to-day business and  as an expression of it's  organizational culture. HWS Beijing was able to meet the requirements: a commitment to environmental sustainability, ergonomic  solutions for  health and an open and collaborative  workplace. 
The seating choice was simple: the award-winning Zody is Microsoft’s global seating standard, due to environmental  standards and ergonomic values. 

Microsoft also required an office with a high level of technology accessibility. The Xone system  was a perfect  solution. Xone’s wide components allow for fully segregated data and power cabling, so cables can be easily added or replaced. Monitor arms were also customized for Xone to improve functionality and ergonomics. 

Additionally, HWS was able to customise screens  for each workstation to offer  a focused work envionment while encouraging open communication.
Location: Beijing
Project completion year: 2015
Project size: 12,000 Sq.m.
Product: Zody, XONE